Are you ready

to GROW?

Shift into the highest version of you with a Spiritual Life Coach. Start becoming who you were always meant to be & unlock your divine power.

Are you ready

to GROW?

Shift into the highest version of you with a Spiritual Life Coach. Start becoming who you were always meant to be & unlock your divine power.

The Signature Program 12-Week Transformation

Spiritual Life Coaching

Each session begins with 30 minutes of Life Coaching, where we will identify your goals and the blocks keeping you from reaching them. To help you break through these barriers, we will enter a structured process under my guidance and take the next steps towards achieving courage, clear purpose and self-acceptance with forward momentum! 

Tarot Card Reading

We will alternate between doing 30 Minutes of Tarot Card Reading or Reiki Energy Healing for the second 1/2 of our session together. With Tarot Card Reading, we will identify the past, present and future energy of your current situation to bring insight into how to best move forward and identify what needs to be healed.

Reiki Energy Healing

Distance Reiki is an energy healing modality that will accelerate your transformation and growth! It will help you find alignment, balance your chakras and provide a full-body tune up that will reduce stress while improving confidence and self-worth. Crystal singing bowls are played with other instruments to assist with the delivery of the Reiki frequency. The Energy Healing will continue to unfold for up to 2 weeks after our session. 

What You'll Gain

Our Signature Program will support you in achieving your goals within 12-weeks! 


Gain insight and perspective that will activate major shifts within you to become your most authentic self. 


Take radical accountability for your life and overcome blocks that will help you fully step into your power. 


Learn manifestation and visualization techniques to help you call in the life that you have always wanted.


Develop a spiritial practice that is most in alignment with who you are and where you want to to be. 

Meet Tinsley Tarot 

Tinsley Tarot is a compassionate & experienced Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer & Certified Life Coach. 

Driven to improve herself, she was able to gain the perspective needed to break away from the habits of her family’s ancestral karma. Tinsley has a passion to help her clients thrive & improve their quality of life. 

Tinsley earned an MFA from Tufts University & CLC from the Certified Life Coach Institute. She lives in Long Beach, CA with her dog Lana. 

What To Expect

Establish Goals

I will help you identify the goals that best serve you and together we will find the best path to get there. Think of Life Coaching as a support system to help you get where you want to be.

Meet Once A Week

We will meet once a week for one hour to review how far you have come and set new intentions. Half of your session will be Life Coaching, and the second portion will focus on tarot or reiki healing.

See Results

The Signature Program will help you stay accountable and remove limiting belief systems that may be blocking your way. Gain confidence and independence by honoring your journey and invest in yourself today. 

Let's begin your 12-Week Transformation!